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An Ambush of Tigers - Mandy Monroe I gave it my best shot. It was really just not something I could force myself to finish. It's funny b/c I was in the car with my DH and said a few things out loud as I decided to stop, and my DH wanted to know what and why, so I told him a few things, like how this guy who'd only been human for 10 days, and had no idea how to even use a shower or brush his teeth, not only found the time (the sanctuary needed major work due to a big flood), but also the knowledge to sand and paint the kitchen table. That is just one of the major inconsistencies in this book. And where in TEXAS did these tiger shifter people, who raised their babies as tigers and did not share the secret of how to shift until they reached maturity, LIVE? In TEXAS? Who knew there was plenty of jungle to hide your tiger children, in TEXAS?Ok, I am done.