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Breeding Ground - Jaid Black Breeding Ground has a very interesting beginning. I liked it a lot. The ending, however, fell a bit flat. Ok, a lot flat. What happened to the character's character? She couldn't be mesmerized but she sure changed with no real reason. The resulting conclusion left me feeling like I was swimming in a bowl of jelly. i.e. "what the hell is this shit?"I also found the huge time jumps beyond credulity. A hundred million years, and legends have persisted that long? A war between species for 20,000 years? Ridiculously huge numbers that would have made a lot more sense if they were not so huge. On the other hand, the community of women seemed to be living at one end of the time spectrum, while the reptile men lived on the other. That makes no sense at all.Starting with a nice science fiction beginning, it did plunge into typical Jaid Black naked women and public sex, so readers who want that will be quite happy. I think it's a shame that the excellent beginning did not carry through to the rest of the story. That said, I was interested enough to read the entire book. The ending, however, was unsatisfying. I wanted to know more about what future they were envisioning for their peoples. So, 3 stars, barely. Would I recommend it to others? Not really. But if you are a Jaid Black fan, and want to read her entire catalog, then read it, at least it is (mostly) entertaining.